Air Terminal Management

We are engaged in providing Air Terminal Management Services through innovation and expertise. We are able to sync speed, efficiency, and quality together to provide an experience that is unparalleled. All the paperwork is completed by our team members. We try our best that our clients have the least amount of worries possible.

Air Cargo Terminal Services give the highest importance to the two factors of safety and speed. All aspects related to accepting cargo into the warehouse, moving and storing it in the warehouse. Then removing it from the warehouse and carried by means of an integrated barcode system that Operates at international standards are looked after by this Division.
These are some of the services provided as part of warehousing function:
1. Accepting incoming cargo & determining its dimensions & weight
2. Documentation procedures loading export cargo on appropriate loading equipment.
3. Physically checking and binning those Conducting perishable goods, hazardous materials, and safe-custody services under the supervision of expert personnel

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