Safety Features

Our prime motive here is the safety of your goods. At Easy Solution Packers & Movers this is achieved by using best packing materials. Our all importance to the safety of the consignment. We suggest our clients with appropriate facilities that would suit their specific moving requirement. Our experienced personnel help our clients in deciding the size of the ?Household Carrier? as per the volume of goods that needs to be moved. This helps the transportation of the goods fit neatly and compactly into the given space, thus ensuring the safety of goods by encountering the jerks and bumps during the transportation.

Some features of safety standards we follow are:
? The packing material which helps safety of goods during transportation includes Fabric sheets which are designed for packing furniture and protects them from scratches and damages. The sheet has foam in it for more safety and later on these sheets can be reused for other purposes also.
? We use Tarpaulin sheet to eliminate water seepage.
? We use specially crafted Wooden Crate Packaging for Washing Machines, Refrigerators and Marble / Porcelain Statues.
? We use ?L? shaped wooden plank to avoid cuts from lancing. 
? We use scientifically designed TV Box for total protection.
? We have special plants carrier to carry them safely with other household goods without any breakage. They are designed specially in such a manner that the plants get fixed at one place and reaches without any damage. We are providing this facility to our customer absolutely free.
? Our personnel take adequate safety measures to ensure there is no damage to the goods from the bolts, angles and other vehicle accessories while loading and unloading.
? Item of religious significance are packed separately, stuck with the label depicting symbols of various faiths and placed on top of the loads so that no one inadvertently steps on them.We use Tarpaulin sheet to eliminate water seepage.

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