epiroc partners with weber on bolting safety & efficiency using resin technology

epiroc ground assist and weber mining and tunnelling, a international leader in ground control chemical compounds and technology, have partnered together to create modern resins that the agencies say “will absolutely optimise and enhance bolting safety and efficiency in the mining industry.” the potentia® thixo resin is the first to result from the partnership. they added that new and interesting tasks are nonetheless in development, “making this collaboration a favourable addition to the industry.” the 2 aspect resin gels straight away once combined and can be pumped into pre-drilled holes or pumpable bolts at various speeds.

potentia® thixo is a two-issue pumpable resin for the anchoring of rockbolts and cable bolts, designed for maximum application the use of epiroc’s boltec mechanised bolters. the two element system is brought by way of a pump unit and is injected via a nozzle. the combined resin begins to gel without delay, placing into a strong stable mass with extraordinary mechanical houses. while injected via hollow rockbolts the viscous blend fills the annular area between the bolt and the borehole as a way to create a full column bond independent of the scale of the hole.

for help using cable bolts or stable bars, potentia® thixo may be pumped into the borehole via an injection pipe previous to insertion of the cable or bolt. the putting time is adjusted to obtain an extended open time, enabling set up of a cable or stable bolt right into a pre-stuffed borehole. as soon as blended, potentia® thixo is unaffected by water. the product is non-foaming and might even adhere to damp surfaces. potentia® thixo is available in 3 special response times (slow, normal and speedy).

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