damon vehicles exceeds $90m order backlog; organization eyes capacity $250m signed clients globally

damon cars, the most effective ev motorbike enterprise, nowadays introduced its order book has surpassed a $90m order backlog up to now globally with the potential of exceeding $250m via worldwide partnerships, like the one with latin the united states’s auteco. the makers of the primary ev bike capable of outperforming the quality fuel-powered superbikes, damon’s products boast by no means-before-visible generation improvements which includes hyperdrive™, co-pilot™ and shift™, designed to solve issues skilled across every other bike in the global. mixed with its extraordinary 200 hp / two hundred mph / 200 miles of variety, damon motorcycles represent the first breed of bikes prepared to displace combustion -wheelers and lead the enterprise into a greener destiny.

“you may’t be the destiny of whatever if you’re not higher than the past,” says co-founder and ceo jay giraud. “it turned into essential for us to goal overall performance metrics as suitable or better than whatever achieved earlier than, otherwise people aren’t going to head electric powered in any meaningful numbers. this is the fundamental achilles’ heel in the -wheel ev industry so far. nobody will exchange in for an electric motorbike if it’s not as appropriate as what they have already got—human beings need to exchange up.”

with over one hundred sixty million motorcycles produced yearly, the industry is responsible for being the 2d worst emitter of greenhouse gas emissions. but this magnificent discern is overshadowed: motorcycles on average produce sixteen times more hydrocarbons than passenger vehicles, that are outnumbered by motorcycle usage daily. to compound subjects, a file from ian savage at northwestern college reveals today’s bike injuries account for 212 deaths per a thousand million passenger miles, in comparison with automobiles at just seven. the majority of those injuries arise in intersections because of car drivers, however are also attributed to a loss of evasive motion via motorbike riders. it turned into those information mixed together with his ardour for motorcycling that led mr. giraud and co-founder dom kwong to observed the business enterprise.

“we should get to 1-million units annually to position a dent inside the industry and change it for all time,” adds giraud. “through coupling excessive-quantity manufacturing with our 5g related, sensor-enabled, self-gaining knowledge of compute gadget, we will make it so that every mile ridden on a damon bike makes all different damon bikes smarter and safer with over-the-air updates. we are able to motive the twist of fate charges to continuously fall over the coming decade. that is our 2030 aim.”

with over 3500 waiting clients, the organization is furiously making ready its pilot manufacturing facility in san rafael, calif. for its california customers, wherein over 25 percentage of damon’s orders currently reside. to prepare to scale manufacturing, damon has also leased a 108,000 sq.ft facility in vancouver, canada, being readied for world production

damon: transforming electric powered motorcycles

damon’s award-prevailing electric powered superbikes, inclusive of hypersport and hyperfighter, offer unprecedented safety, comfort, 5g connectivity and performance with groundbreaking generation and zero tailpipe emissions. proprietary functions encompass its copilot™ 360º advanced caution gadget, complete with a 7” lcd display that streams a rearview from the rear-dealing with digicam; shift™, which transforms the driving position among game and commuter modes while in motion; and hyperdrive™, the world’s first monocoque constructed, one hundred percent electric powered, multi-variation powertrain platform, which permits damon to rapidly introduce new models that proportion eighty five percentage of the components of its sibling fashions. with the aid of the usage of the body of the battery as the motorcycle’s chassis, hyperdrive has also completed exceptional weight blessings, which lets in it to yield step forward levels of electricity density, main to its 200 miles of combined city/hwy variety functionality. at 201 wh/kg, this represents nearly double the strength density in line with pound of weight than its competition zero and livewire (nyse:lvwr). in quick: extra miles in keeping with greenback.

coupled with damon’s proprietary a hundred and fifty kw 6-segment liquid cooled ipm motor-gearbox, damon’s hypersport and hyperfighter deliver earth shattering numbers: over 200 hp and 230 nm of torque, able to spinning as much as 18,000 rpm. at 754 w / kg, the motor offers extra than double the strength consistent with pound of weight than a tesla motor, and greater than triple its competition zero and livewire (nyse:lvwr).

approximately damon cars

damon motors is a worldwide technology chief disrupting city mobility. with workplaces in san rafael, california and headquarters and manufacturing in vancouver, canada, damon is on a mission to motive a paradigm shift for safer, smarter motorcycling. the corporation is handing over on its promise with award-winning innovation and unheard of technology. anchored by way of its proprietary electric powered powertrain, hyperdrive™, damon has captivated the motorcycling international with the aid of turning in earth-sizzling velocity, ferocious layout, and epic new capabilities, which include copilot™ and shift™, that are attracting a wholly new generation of riders. with speedy marketplace adoption from eager consumers in the us and overseas, damon is setting a new fashionable for motorcycle safety and sustainability international.

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