new blade runner game reportedly in improvement

there aren’t a whole lot of blade runner games, but 110 industries is allegedly seeking to do its component and cope with that. a brand new report states that the business enterprise has secured the license for the franchise and is developing a online game inside the universe.

this document comes tom henderson and try tough courses. a hundred and ten seemingly introduced the task via a short teaser at its new switzerland-based studio and is making plans to release the sport in 2025. this is pretty far away, that means there aren’t any details about it as of yet. and it stays to be seen if that teaser will ever be released publicly.

one hundred ten industries isn’t a household call, but it is developing a few titles, like action shooter wanted: useless, vengeance is mine, and red goes quicker, which might be slated for 2022, 2023, and 2024, respectively.

there was at the beginning a factor-and-click on adventure blade runner recreation that launched in 1997. troubles with the rights made the title tough to locate in current years, however it wound up on gog in 2019. nightdive studios announced blade runner: more suitable edition, a remastered model of that sport, however ran into problems porting it because of lacking source code. however, pre-orders for the physical model start on june 24 via limited run games, but its release date remains beneath wraps.

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