google: no real search engine optimization advantage to website hosting on a cdn

google’s john mueller changed into asked if there may be an search engine optimization gain to website hosting on a cdn, a content material transport network. the quick solution isn’t any, so long as your host is fast, then you definately are satisfactory – there is no brought gain to web hosting on a cdn.

john mueller delivered that if your move slowly interest is gradual and you’ve got hundreds of thousands and tens of millions of pages, rushing up your host or the usage of a cdn can improve crawling and indexing, which indirectly affects your ratings and for this reason seo.

however john stated “i don’t suppose it might have a massive affect on google at all in regards to search engine optimization. the most effective affect that i will consider that some thing would possibly take place is what users turn out to be seeing.” he brought “it is not some thing that topics in terms of search engine optimization” if your server is speedy already.

does placing a website in the back of a cdn improve rating? we get the majority of our site visitors from a selected u . s . a .. we published our website on a server placed in that us of a. do you recommend putting our entire website in the back of a cdn to improve web page velocity for users globally or is that now not required?
so glaringly you could do a number of this stuff, i don’t think it might have a large have an effect on on google at all with regard to seo. the most effective have an effect on that i can consider that some thing might occur is what users grow to be seeing.

and sort of what you cited, if the majority of your customers are already seeing a completely fast web site website due to the fact your server is located there, then you are kinda of doing the right factor. however if of path if customers in other locations are seeing a totally gradual end result, due to the fact possibly the relationship for your united states of america isn’t that superb, then this is some thing you might have a few opportunity to enhance on. and you could see that as some thing type of an opportunity within the experience that of direction if your net web site is definitely slow for different customers, then it’s miles going to be rare for them to visit your net web page greater often due to the fact it is without a doubt annoying to get there. whereas in case your internet website is quite speedy for other users then at the least they have an possibility to see a reasonably speedy net web page which can be your web web page.

so from that point of view there is something you may do improve your web web site globally, then i think that is a exact idea. i don’t think it is crucial, it isn’t something that topics in terms of search engine optimization, in that google has to see a very quick website as nicely. but it’s far something that you can do to grow your internet site beyond just your cutting-edge usa.

perhaps one element i must clarify, if google’s crawling is really truly slow then of route that can affect how much we can move slowly and index the website. so which can an thing to inspect to. the majority of internet site i appeared into, i do no longer see this as being a trouble, as regards to any net web page that isn’t hundreds of thousands and thousands and thousands of pages big. so from that factor of view, you can double take a look at how fast google is crawling in search console, in move slowly stats and if that appears reasonable, although it isn’t always extremely good rapid, than i wouldn’t fear approximately that.

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