edmonton legal professional’s behavior brought about fall apart of northlands case, court documents display

glenda pidde represented 19 fired parking offerings cashiers for greater than 6 years

a multi-million greenback wrongful dismissal and defamation trial collapsed because of the conduct of the lawyer representing former edmonton northlands cashiers, courtroom files display.

this week, cbc news adverse an utility to completely seal affidavits plaintiffs had filed about glenda pidde, who represented 19 fired northlands parking offerings cashiers for extra than six years, and a ebook ban on a mistrial application.

“the public has a right to know approximately the reasons for the final results of the case,” said cbc attorney tess layton throughout oral arguments wednesday.

six sworn affidavits have been prepared. the plaintiffs’ new attorney requested court of queen’s bench justice tom rothwell to permanently seal the files and to order a book ban on their mistrial software.

arguing on behalf of the plaintiffs, attorney philip prowse stated the affidavits could embarrass pidde. he defined her conduct as “atrocious” and “nothing even close to professional.”

on friday, justice rothwell determined in favour of the cbc, brushing off the plaintiff’s request for a e-book ban and sealing order.

“preserving the open courtroom principle does not pose a severe threat to her privacy or endanger her physical or mental fitness,” rothwell stated.

no trial training
the plaintiffs claimed in their sworn affidavits that they were in no way properly organized for trial.

they defined assembly with pidde on march 6 at the edmonton lodge. the legal professional demanded the organization act as cheerleaders by means of time and again chanting, “we are gonna win.”

on march 17, the group met at the victoria golf course. angela pegg, in her affidavit, claimed the lawyer supplied no trial instruction.

“[pidde] desired us to face in a circle around her even as stomping our feet. she wanted the plaintiffs to name her ‘the general,'” pegg stated.

plaintiff janet roberts claimed in her affidavit that pidde “danced to track for maximum of the meeting.”

at eleven:29 p.m. the night before the trial began, pidde despatched pegg an electronic mail saying she turned into taking marijuana tablets and asked pegg to give her a warning call the subsequent morning.

around middle of the night, pidde sent another e-mail, pronouncing she had commenced consuming wine.

“if i scent of alcohol or appear stoned, inform me. deliver gum or mouthwash in case you think it’ll help,” she stated.

on the primary full day of the trial, pidde made a extensive-ranging opening declaration that protected accusations that northlands had destroyed evidence, and lied to its personnel and the general public approximately what passed off.

the judge always reminded her to treat the legal professional representing northlands with professional admire.

if i odor of alcohol or seem stoned, tell me.
– glenda pidde in an e mail
after court ended for the day, pegg drove pidde domestic.

she claimed pidde asked to forestall at a liquor shop, in which she offered a bottle of wine, and a marijuana dispensary, in which she bought 20 packs of edibles and three cans of marijuana-infused beverages.

plaintiffs uninterested with legal professional’s behavior
by day 3 of the trial, the plaintiffs had had enough.

some of them decided to write a notice to the judge, asking to speak to him approximately their legal professional’s conduct.

“ms. pidde did not want to talk to us and i did no longer recognize what to do,” roberts said.

later on, out of doors the courtroom, pidde tried intimidating her by means of twice bumping her chest into that of roberts, she said.

“ms. pidde changed into erratic and angry,” roberts said.

she said pidde snatched the primary observe roberts attempted to hand to the clerk and crumpled it up, however roberts wrote every other note that became passed alongside to the choose.

in her affidavit, pegg connected a replica of an e-mail pidde despatched her on march 31.

“i could be asking the justice to withdraw me as your recommend at 1:30…you have harm me, abused and embarrassed me in a court of regulation. i’m carried out,” pidde stated within the e-mail.

whilst the choose gave pidde time to speak to her customers outdoor the courtroom, roberts stated pidde instructed her customers to “f—ok off,” then entered the court and informed justice rothwell that she desired off the case.

“ms. pidde quitting in the center of trial made me feel annoying, careworn and scared. i did now not realize whether or not i, in conjunction with the opposite plaintiffs, might take delivery of a honest trial,” roberts wrote.

after the trial collapsed, pidde persevered to send roberts “weird, racist, threatening text messages.”

the law society of alberta was unable to say if it has acquired any lawsuits about pidde or if her behavior is being investigated.

civil lawsuit now on keep
on friday afternoon, the legal professional representing northlands entreated justice rothwell to declare an adjournment.

the plaintiffs’ lawyer desires a mistrial and a brand new judge.

rothwell said he will problem a written decision, in all likelihood in july.

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