cake keeps on triumphing design awards

the electrical anti-poaching bike cake kalk ap identified as instrumental in helping park rangers shield wildlife more efficaciously – receiving the if gold design award 2022. city commuter makka voted if design award 2022 winner.

cake introduced that they’ve been decided on for two honourable awards at this 12 months’s if design awards.

the lauded electric powered off-roader cake kalk ap was presented gold, scoring an excellent 500 out of 500 via an unanimous jury, within the product class of this 12 months’s if layout awards. moreover, the sleek urban commuter makka became also decided on to get hold of a if layout award of its personal. the influential, worldwide layout opposition lines its roots lower back to 1953, the modern edition attracting greater than 10,000 submissions from 60 nations.

on the cake kalk ap, the jury said:

“with this design, cake has efficaciously married sustainability and practicality. this off-street bike allows park rangers more efficiently shield flora and fauna, while circuitously safeguarding the wider environment on which the natural world relies upon. congratulations to the cake crew for growing a product this is destined to face the take a look at of time.”

cake founder and ceo, stefan ytterborn, commented:

“that is one proud day for our development crew. the kalk platform become our inroads to the two-wheeled enterprise, literally turning every preconceived perception of what an electric powered bike become the wrong way up. the changed kalk ap has persevered this legacy, showing how our generation can make a distinction and store animal lives on the african continent, a super example of purpose and sustainability. with the makka we provide human beings a stunning, easy and sustainable way to trip and explore. two exclusive automobiles, one shared ambition to excite in the direction of a purifier future. thank you if design awards for recognizing our tough work.”

design with a motive
the electric anti-poaching motorcycle cake kalk ap is primarily based on the same old kalk and advanced in close collaboration with park rangers of the south african wildlife college (sawc). adapted to meet the traumatic, various terrain available on the continent, the kalk ap is one hundred% sun powered thru a joint attempt with purpose 0 and purposely designed to guide rangers preventing unlawful hunting practices.

the cake makka become delivered in late 2021, with the initial production run immediately promoting out. a clever electric moped with category-leading performance, it aims to provide all commuters and concrete explorers a handy configuration platform, in a undying design.


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