tick list for success after your erp software program cross-live

an erp move-stay checklist can help implementation venture groups verify they have got accomplished all vital steps. learn what objects task leaders have to upload to their list.

an erp implementation is a complex method, and project leaders must don’t forget creating a checklist to ensure not anything receives forgotten or left behind as the pressure increases earlier than the move-stay date.

some examples of gadgets that assignment leaders have to placed on the tick list encompass confirming that a education plan is in vicinity and that key resources are to be had after pass-live. leaders can also use the checklist at the very last cross-or-no-go assembly to make a more informed decision approximately whether or not the brand new erp system is prepared.

here are some objects undertaking leaders should do not forget which include while building an erp implementation tick list.

verify the venture leader has shared the rollout strategy
the task leader must alert venture team members, corporation employees and any 0.33 birthday celebration who will use the brand new erp machine about the sports on the way to take location before and put up move-live. sharing the approach will help everyone plan their paintings, whether or not they may be responsible for final-minute fixes and schooling or will absolutely be using the new device.

take a look at that the team has migrated wished data
the assignment leader ought to affirm that the assignment crew has performed the facts migration method and has migrated all required statistics before cross-live.

relying at the migration method, the crew may also want to perform similarly ancient statistics migrations after move-live. however, the challenge group need to determine out the migration plan nicely in advance of the move-live date, and the venture chief ought to reference the migration info in the tick list.

affirm all bugs are resolved
earlier than go-live, the task group have to clear up in some style all insects located in the course of the implementation’s very last segment.

the crew in all likelihood might not have fixed all insects before go-live, however the group have to evaluate each one for criticality and create a plan to cope with every one. for instance, the group may also repair critical bugs earlier than move-stay but wait to restore minor issues until the following implementation section.

placed a schooling plan in place
the project crew may additionally provide a few education before the erp gadget is live. however, the checklist need to consist of a reminder to the team to confirm that they have prepared the planned education, they have got assigned trainers to lead the necessary training periods and they have notified the personnel that will want to attend schooling.

test that undertaking communications are prepared
a task crew commonly sends out formal verbal exchange about the erp implementation quickly earlier than and after go-stay. this communique must be ready to head earlier than the release.

communication approximately the project might also include a be aware at the employer intranet, an electronic mail to personnel and phone calls to any 1/3 parties so one can use the brand new erp gadget, which include external carriers.

affirm the crew has configured the production surroundings
once in a while, the challenge team incorporates out an erp implementation in a sandbox surroundings then replicates it in a production environment for after move-stay. in this situation, the assignment chief need to confirm that the team has completed every step for this, which includes putting in any custom forms and reviews, configuring the database and connecting the vital interfaces.

the chief may additionally want to test the manufacturing machine for any check facts earlier than cross-stay.

check useful resource availability
the venture leader need to affirm that key resources inclusive of implementation team contributors, the erp software program supplier and any implementation partners may be available to aid the brand new erp machine submit pass-live.

employees will likely have questions as they start the usage of the brand new device and may run into issues, so those sources will need to be to be had to deal with any potential problems without delay.

whole a listing of simple sanity checks
the project leader may additionally need to ask the group to run via a listing of basic sanity assessments to affirm the erp machine is working as expected. tests to carry out can encompass strolling a few queries, creating a check entry to verify that picklists are running and customers can store information, and asking a few employees to log in to confirm they are able to get right of entry to the gadget.

the crew should of path have already achieved more thorough checking out. those tests are handiest to affirm that the fundamentals are running.

assessment project schedule
if the assignment crew is using a venture management application for the implementation, the assignment leader can upload a reminder to the checklist for the group to study the application’s list of great obligations and confirm that they may be closed off or are regarded exceptions.

limit access to old erp device
the challenge team need to ensure that employees might not be able to upload new statistics to the old erp gadget after a certain point. the group can also do that earlier than the very last statistics migration or shortly earlier than move-stay.

this task normally entails changing the role that employees use to get entry to the antique system, in view that a few workers may nonetheless have read-most effective access for a time frame after cross-live.

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